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by 850 LPT
25 Mar 2021, 08:51
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Re: Fuse Tap For Adding Electric Circuit Power

I am using this exact thingy to power my aux. driving lights in the 850 and also in the S70. Works perfect, and the cover still closes fine. There is even an opening under the fuse box where the cable can be routed thru to the underside of the dash. I can take photos tonight of what the install look...
by bmdubya1198
24 Jul 2022, 08:14
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Re: Evap leak at breather on filler neck? Might have to dig deeper...

A user messaged me about a possible solution to this, and I realized I never posted a solution. I wish I had a solid answer as to what fixed the code, but this is just a guess. I believe the solution in this case was the purge valve, as that was the last thing I ended up replacing just to try to eli...