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by yeagermeister
10 Jul 2005, 14:51
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DIY: Timing belt, tensioner, serpentine belt, and flame trap

timing belt, tensioner, serpentine belt, and flame trap all replaced with new parts (special thanks to Rich Kelley at Bay 13/Volvospeed, Boe Kalinoski, and eEuroparts.com)... i made the 3/4" serp. belt tensioner adapter out of 3/4" steel tube from Lowe's. i cut it about 1" long, and u...
by pfeener
10 Apr 2006, 19:21
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1. No, front and rear can be done separately. 2. No, wheel bearing are generally changed only when they fail. 3. Springs are fine, unless you're looking for a performance or appearance upgrade 4. No springs in rear, just shocks and upper shock mounts 5. Probably the OEMs. I personally don't like the...
by luketrash
02 Jan 2007, 22:54
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Joy of joys.. New stereo

Well, the first official "just for me" work I've done on the 850 was putting in the Alpine stereo I ordered through Crutchfield. It ended up being 150 bucks cheaper with all of the free 'throw-ins' at Crutchfield compared to my local Best Buy... I wanted a stereo to control my ipod, and so...
by chuckcintron
07 Jan 2009, 07:38
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Re: 850 (non-turbo) 1997 - Making It Faster

Sigh. Yes, I know all about the damper on one side of the NA throttle plate. Sure, you remove it and you get a bit better throttle response for the first few degrees of rotation. At WOT (which is where you'll be most of the time in your 15.5 run) it doesn't make a smack of difference. Why did Volvo ...
by renns
29 Jan 2009, 13:17
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Fix for slow wipers

The wipers in my '94 855 have been getting slower with time. A few squirts of lubricant on the exposed shaft helped a bit, but was not a permanent solution. Here's a few pics and procedure for doing a more thorough repair: Tools Needed: T25 Torx screwdriver 10mm wrench 13mm wrench Flat screwdriver G...
by SniperCat
22 Aug 2009, 16:27
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Re: 1998 Volvo v70 xc - awd fuel pump issue?

Here are the picture files. Please email me a_hamza3390@yahoo.com if anyone has any questions. It worked great! A few small lessons along the way but overall much better than dropping the rear end.
by polskamafia mjl
19 Oct 2009, 23:19
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Re: 850R 1996 Warning lights come on during acceleration

I don't believe that turning the car off in reverse has anything to do with your problems. 2 weeks after I got my 850 I spun out into a corn field after a heavy rain. My car was rolling backwards while in drive (aka, it should have been going forward), so I pressed the brake pedal and turned off the...
by tina
31 Oct 2009, 23:18
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P80 Step by Step - Replacing the starter motor 1998 S70 8251551

I just accomplished this job, here's how I did it. Please forgive my lack of knowledge of the correct names for many parts, I am a complete amateur and I stumbled my way through with the help of forum members! For the purposes of this description, left and right will be relative to the person standi...
by velorider
21 Nov 2009, 19:31
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Mangefine Filter Installed w/ Pictures

Today I finally got around to doing the transmission flush on my wife s60. The car had 94K miles on it and I'm not sure it's ever been done, so I was a little worried about the urban legends of high mileage flushes. Legend goes that the new fluid loosen "stuff" and could cause issues with ...
by tjts1
07 Dec 2009, 07:57
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Re: Can you switch rims from 740 to V70 ?

Yes you can. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i171/k5blaz3r/SNB11748.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y47/shellshock-gw/TVC%20meet%20San%20Antonio/canon076.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll172/RBoy8/Car%20Stuff/WinterRandom_0002.jpg?t=1259947291 RWD wheels are cheap and a lot of people ...