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Help a Neighbor in Your Area (hands-on)

Want to help a Volvo owner? Or do you need help with your Volvo? Get in touch with others in this forum and get that warm, fuzzy feeling that helping (or a running car) provides. This is to pair owners with helpers in the same geographical location.
Forum rules
For Helpers: Don't make promises you can't keep. Assume the fix will take twice as long. You may not charge money for your help. Gas money to get there is ok. You may ask the Helpee if s/he is unable to afford a mechanic or if they would just like the camaraderie of fixing their Volvo with somebody they can learn from.

For Helpees: Stating up front why you need help is optional. Please answer privately if the Helper asks. Be specific in your automotive needs... link to a topic if you've posted one. Let us know if you need parts or have the parts already.

For Both:
  • You must agree to this disclaimer
  • Move the conversation to Private Messages, email or phone.
  • Put your status ("Helper" or "Need Help") in the topic title
  • City: required
  • State or Province: required
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