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Throttle body differences Turbo/Normally aspirated on a 850

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Throttle body differences Turbo/Normally aspirated on a 850

Post by tailor »

I thought that I could interchange throttle bodies between a turbo and normally aspirated 850, I was wrong and was not thinking at all!!
Clearly had I given it a bit more thought I might have realized the subtle differences, so here is trying to save someone else some aggravation if they are going to get parts out of a yard or on the web. These pearls of wisdom come to you with dirty hands and some bemusement.

Turbo throttle bodies have a 2 1/4 inch diameter throat opening, this is married to size of the intake manifold. The turbo hose to the throttle body is also a specific size and is not interchangeable with n/a engine.
The throttle body in a normally aspirated motor has a wider throat at 2 1/2 inches.The intake manifold allows for this size variance. Ditto for the hoses.
Note plastic on the normally aspirated throttle body, no such device on the turbo version.
The normally aspirated T/B bolts on as normal to the turbo manifold, but will not open because the diameters are different. The edge of the butterfly catches the manifold and will not open further than about 1/4 inch. This is obviously due to the 1/4 inch difference in diameter, and there I was thinking that the "elusive inch" was a big problem. :twisted:
These throttle bodies are not interchangeable. You might still be able to make use of N/a manifold on a Turbo engine. It is probably not a safe bet.

Not too much harm nor much foul, and not even foul language.
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Post by Ozark Lee »

The guys over on VS machine the turbo intake manifold so that the butterfly will clear. The turbo intake has some additional ports that are not present on the N/A manifold, the PTC nipple, etc.

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Post by tjts1 »

The turbo TB is 55mm and NA TB is 65mm. Its easier to swap manifold than bore it out. You can also install a 960 TB plate into the NA 850 TB to get rid of the plastic wedge. It gives the NA 850 much nicer throttle response.
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Post by Kappy5003 »

I have a 96 850 S Wagon and based on some previous post regarding swapping the butterfly from a 960 I can offer the following.

A`friend of mine has just purchased a 94 960 sedan that had a hiccup with the timing belt letting go....ouch in fact the belt tensioner let go ball bearings every where.

Any way in the process of dismantling this 960 engine which is a 3.0 litre.
we have discovered the throttle butterfly from the 960 is definately larger that my 850..

So what we did is ripped the plastic bit off and soldered the slots tha were left behind.

I wouldnt have believed the difference WOW oh also ripped the flap out of the bit that heats the air also from a previous post boy does this thing really breath easier now and when you press sports mode does she bark.

Iam leaving people behind at the lights maybe they suffer from shock, maybe dont believe a swedish brick can accerate..

this things is almost like a turbo and I have have owned a Saab 9000 2.3 turbo. and its bottom take is good have seen what the top end is like yet, but gets to 120k quite smartly.

Bottom line my first 850 non turbo to boot and I ma impressed.
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Post by crazy_frog »

I am just looking for some information. What passes through the TB. Is it air? And can someone tell me what the difference in parts is between the Turbo and standard on an 850 general speaking.
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Post by MadeInJapan »

Yes, air passes through the throttle body. The difference between turbo and standard (non-turbo) is that with turbo, after the air is induced into the turbo, it goes through a series of pipes and an intercooler to cool the air before it enters the intake at the throttle body. The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) exhaust air is recirculated into the throttle body with air as well and the reason for it getting grimy and needing cleaning due to oil deposits from the exhaust. This is more pronounced on a turbo than a non-turbo and especially if the PCV is clogged or not working correctly.
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Post by crazy_frog »

thanks ... :)
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Re: Throttle body differences Turbo/Normally aspirated on a

Post by GDavid »

Pics broken in OP, can anyone replace them for reference purposes?
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Re: Throttle body differences Turbo/Normally aspirated on a

Post by Ben850 »

GDavid wrote:Pics broken in OP, can anyone replace them for reference purposes?
I had started a few threads explaining how I had done this. I don't know what was shown in the original, but feel free to look at these.

http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums ... tle+bodies

http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums ... 0&start=28

There are photos in these that answer most of the questions regarding the N/A manifold swap.
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