Does the 1998 Volvo S70 support Double Din

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Does the 1998 Volvo S70 support Double Din

Post by sgowda2011 »

Hey Guys, I was wondering if the Volvo s70 supported Double Din. As far as looks go, it does in my opinion. But according to crutchfield, Double Dins will not fit. I am not sure what to think about that, Are there any mods that i can do to make a double din fit in my car. I was looking at the Pioneer AVH-P3200BT, it looks cool and all but if it doesnt fit im not sure why i would spend money on it.

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Post by lienmarine »

This has been a question I've had for a while too. I've see some sites say that it does (Best Buy I think) and others (Crutchfield) say that it doesn't. My 850 had a single DIN Eclipse head unit with the little hole below it for CDs. My Talon had this same set up and it would accept a double DIN unit, so I would guess that the Volvo should too. It may be a depth issue, that's the only thing I can think of.
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Post by Ozark Lee »

I think the answer is "sort of". The OEM radios are double DIN but my understanding is that the rails need to be modified to get the aftermarket radio to fit.

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Post by JRL »

You have to hacksaw or dremel those two "slots" that are down each side that guide the OEM radios.
Once done you can't go back to a stock radio though
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Post by peacock »

Your better option is to buy a Blitz safe ipod adapter for $80 and keep the more then adequate stock set up. its less complicated cheaper and the song selection is still dont through the user interface.
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Post by sgowda2011 »

Thanks for all your help, I also had another question but this one is about how to open up the door panels. Is there any directions i can follow to do this, i am trying to install a new speaker unit and i am in dire need of some directions.

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Post by jblackburn »

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Post by kringer2 »

Hate to revive this, but I had a hard time finding information.

I did have to trim the rails inside the hole a little.

I also bought a trim ring for a f-150 ford 2004-2008 to get the finished look - it did require trimming to fit. I think it looks good.

I hope this helps some of you out there!
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Post by MatDesign84 »

That looks REALLY good.
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Post by LamboSE5 »

I would've thought there would be an "aftermarket audio" dedicated forum here, or sub-forum. I looked but maybe it's here somewhere...

I have a kenwood ddx418 double din that I wanna put in to my S70. Still need a wiring harness.
While I'm here though - ANY suggestions on a good (better) double din head unit guys? I haven't found many reviews on this ddx418 and the ones I did find weren't that favorable -- bad blutooth connectivity and stuff.


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