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Oil Filter Question...

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Oil Filter Question...

Post by anbran »

I keep reading about the S/V 70's requiring the oil filter that has a "check valve" in it such as the Mann brand. I am curious what this valve is supposed to accomplish if the oil filter remains full of oil while its upside down?! I could understand a check valve for a filter that is on its side...but...

Could someone clarify...

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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by jblackburn »

It holds oil pressure up until the oil pump can suck it up from the pan and builds up pressure at a cold start.

Pressure comes up quickly, but not quickly enough to prevent a little bit of valve chatter on filters without a check valve. Stick a Fram on there sometime, and you'll definitely hear the chatter.

NAPA Gold filters are a good alternative to sourcing the OEM Mann filters (although some of the NAPA stores do actually carry Mann filters).
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by Red-Arrow »

Man I use the framm filter. I do hear some cam or valve slap when cold. What other filters do you recommend ?
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by wig »

What is the number of the fram filter you are talking about? Maybe a Mahle alternative will help, if you give me the year, engine size and model, along with any engine codes, I can run a check on what is best for your motor. I work in the car filtration business, so I am more that happy to help with this problem, with my knowledge and contacts, I am sure I can resolve your problem.

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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by bguzz »

Don't use the Fram orange can filter...it is well known to be a very poorly made filter...especially for the ADV. The frame extra guard is a good filter. Mann, Mobile1, etc.
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by vjaneczko »

I just bought a case (qty: ten) of Mann filters from FCP for $39.95. A real good deal, since the cheapest AutoZone filter is an STP for $4.99.
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by ecbsykes »

I had a curious find today...

I was at Autozone and was just browsing, and I decided to look at the oil filters that would fit my car (cartridge style, so not necessarily relevant here). Anyway, I opened up one of the Fram filters, and was shocked to see the filter was actually a Mann filter made in Spain. I checked another box to make sure; it appears the Fram cartridge filters for Volvos are simply re-branded Manns. Those are good filters!

Now concerning the cheap Fram can filters, wouldn't touch them. Their higher end filters are great though.
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by Xilikon »

My NAPA store actually have Mann filters in stock. From what I gathered, Mann or Mahle are the way to go if you want to stay with the OE stuff.

FCP case of Mahle filters is a great deal IMHO since I paid 18$ for a single Mann filter from NAPA.
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by gilhuly »

The Napa gold or pro select are wix filters with check valves. They are good. I buy the Manns from FCP usually by the case.
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Re: Oil Filter Question...

Post by Red-Arrow »

What about the cheap supertech oil filters from Walmart? There is nobody else local to me that supplies oil filters that are no FRAM. I just did an oil change and I still have some chatter.
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