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Volvo S70 1998 - Timing Belt Slipping - Is The Engine Gunk

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zak volvo1998S70
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Volvo S70 1998 - Timing Belt Slipping - Is The Engine Gunk

Post by zak volvo1998S70 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:25 pm

Volvo S70 1998 - TIMING BELT SLIPING - IS THE ENGINE GUNK/ SERIOUSLY DAMAGED ---I have a 1998 Volvo S70 . Purchesed it used for $1,100 15 months ago. I hoped it would last 10 months. Car is in Great shape w/184k .... EXCEPT I Believe the Timing Belt is Slipping - Skiping - Serious Skiping belt sound / and Vibration and car stalling When started. Then drove car slowly 1 mile home at slow speed 25 mph. It stalled -----no Noise or vibration . I pulled pver and had it towed. So, I had it towed and did not Push my luck further. BTW the Altternator should be fine. Had Batery changed a week ago and the car ran w/ bat disconected.

The timing belt was changed at 110k . I know the schedual. I paid 1,100 - How Much should a cert. shop charge for T-belt Installed . w and w out unnesesary water pump. I am only looking to get 5k miles from it then give it away. I Live in city and put low miles on it. It has Good clean Semi Syn Oil and is Garaged . Not abused.

So, IS THE ENGINE seriously damaged or can i pay a Volvo Cert. Independent Shop to replace the Sliping/skiping belt. It did start after it stalled but stalled right after- a few seconds. No bad noises or Vibration then. I was gliding at 20 mph poped it into neutral srarted engine no noise or vibration and it stalled again - i pulled over. Towed it. Will not try to start it. I do not believe The Timing belt Broke and need to decide how to proceed.
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Ozark Lee
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Post by Ozark Lee » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:11 am

Welcome to MVS,

I moved you to the appropriate forum so that you can get the best answers.

Are you certain that the problem is the timing belt? Out of my five Volvos I have had one that had a tensioner go bad and the belt got loose but it never slipped. It is hard to tell based on your description of the way the car quit running.

If the belt goes then it is pretty much checkmate for the head or at least the valves and the engine will cease to run immediately. If it slipped a tooth or two - depending on how it slipped - you could still be OK but beyond two teeth you are damaging valves.

My suggestion is to remove the timing belt cover and look things over. If the belt is taught and the timing marks line up then you need to look elsewhere.

Is the check engine light on?


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Post by Pauloil » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:14 am

try unplugging the MAF and see if it runs better, after looking at the belt
in case it is bad bearing on acc. belt tensioner or idler pulley, you can take that belt off and run motor to see if noise then goes away

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