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FM Modulator & Antenna wire - '02 V70

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FM Modulator & Antenna wire - '02 V70

Postby maasko » Tue Jun 28, 2005 2:58 pm

I have an '02 V70. I'm trying to hook up a FM Modulator and it needs the antenna wire. Unfortunately, I can't get access to the Antenna wire that has the female/male cylindrical connectors. The Antenna wire leaving the factory deck has a rectangular harness. Few questions:
Where is the antenna wire/where does it go or where can I get access to it? As of now, it disappears behind the steering with the bundle of stereo and hvac wires from the center console.

And, where is the actual antenna (obviously, it doesn't have visible one protruding from the car).



antenna adapter

Postby vguy » Sun Jul 17, 2005 12:00 am

The dual coax connector that plugs into the radio is all there is - the big 'american' car single coax connector attached to the modulator is nowhere to be found in a Volvo and is not *really* standard. There is an fm antenna in one of your windows. If you go to an auto audio installer (Circuit City carries them) you can pick up a Volvo-antenna-to-aftermarket-radio adapter to convert your antenna to the 'standard' you are looking for. You can also get an aftermarket-antenna-to-Volvo-radio adapter to go the other way from your modulator to your radio. The (small) gotcha is that these only use one of the two Volvo antenna coaxes and don't connect the other - but everything plugs together nicely. Unless you are trying to receive a radio signal from Sweden, you will probably never miss the other antenna connection.

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