1996 855 Turbo - Rear windshield washer motor bracket.

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1996 855 Turbo - Rear windshield washer motor bracket.

Post by ZionXIX »

Recently I had to replace the washer fluid pump for the rear windshield. I found one for a good price, not OEM, but still works fine. I had to drop the Fluid reservoir to get the darn thing out. It was zip-tied to some electrical cables for the fog lamp but was still attached to the plastic bracket. Some one had clearly broken the bracket trying to remove it a previous time as the missing piece pf plastic is still attached to the metal surround the tank. I found it increasingly difficult to install the new pump since my hands barely fit in that area even with the tank out. I ended up zip tying the pump further down than i would like. I guess my question is where can I find a replacement bracket? I would really like for the pump to sit in its original place. In trying to search for a bracket I stumbled across an interesting PDF depicting an "Improved windscreen washer system". The rear pump is moved to a different place behind the fluid tank. The link went directly to the download so i could find the original post since the site is in German. Is there any truth to this improved system?

Here is the link to the PDF and I've attached it as well.
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Thanks, Zion

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