98 V70 awd this is how i repaired tailgate latch and light

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98 V70 awd this is how i repaired tailgate latch and light

Post by bskeels »

Like many others with the same issue, I have had problems with the latching of my tailgate, like having to close it multiple times to get it to latch finally having the latch stop working completely and ratchet strapping the thing closed, also including the dash light.

So I was looking for a replacement latch, didn't want to spend 150 to 200 on new so I found a newer version on ebay.
used latch from ebay
used latch from ebay
used latch
used latch
I switched my mechanism with the one in the new used assembly. I pulled the unit straight up after removing the 2 screws and slid right into the new assembly.
my assembly on the new latch
my assembly on the new latch
I found that the door latches on one shut and my dash light is no longer on.
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is the latch the same on the 850?

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Post by erikv11 »

The latches on the V70 are different starting in the middle of 1998, but maybe you can make them work on the 850 doing some Frankenstein work like in this post. For example, any 98-00 V70 tailgate swaps right onto an 850 with no hassle at all.
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I'm having similar issues (stuck closed), and it helps to see what the latch looks like. Thanks for the photos!
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