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98 volvo XC gas gauge doesn't work and code p1307

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Year and Model: 98 v70 xc AWD
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98 volvo XC gas gauge doesn't work and code p1307

Post by m1nus »

I just replaced the pass side fuel assembly because i found the previous unit leaking, took it out and they JB welded a ton of crap and it didn't hold ..

where can i get wiring diagrams specific to this car? my fuel gauge still dose not work and i want to trace the wires from the pass side sender unit, and see if that's the issue, also, in the rear there is a plug with no connector in it and nothing i can find to plug into it .. do they come form the factory missing this plug?? please help me get this gas gauge working .

ALSO i have a MIL code p1307 ... i cant find much through my searches.. i read that it may be the accelerometer, but i swapped one from a friends car and it did not go away, so then i read it could be the AC high temp sensor.. i bought a new one and the code is still there... last place is the fuel tank pressure sensor, but if that was bad wouldn't i have a code for it?

also is there a way to tune out the ECU for looking for a 2nd 02 sensor? my car docent have to pass emissions testing and docent have a rear 02, so id like to make the light go away.


Don't know why that would be a problem ( barf.. previous owners fuel pump fix i replaced )


The missing plug. What's that for?


Is that the fuel tank pressure sensor?
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