'99 S70 -- CEL and 3 Codes; P01017; P01081 and P0562

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'99 S70 -- CEL and 3 Codes; P01017; P01081 and P0562

Post by E Showell »

Engine fan running on after shut off. Temp. gauge in normal range. Engine running rough, CEL and codes 1017, 1081 and 562. Any ideas? Car sat for a while while working on suspension and some other stuff and I had it out on the highway for two separate 30 mile test rides. CEL was after the second ride. First ride was smooth as silk. P.S. switch immobilizer ring out with junkyard unit recently. Battery rand down while sitting and I had to charge it. Tested at Autozone tonight and came up a little low, but no bad cells. Alternator and starter tested fine.
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Post by Sommerfeldt »

I'm putting 5 bucks on the IAC, though the immobilizer code is strange. The 562 shouldn't come back if your voltage is up to par...

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Post by obayha »

Engine running on with temp in normal range.
That was my complaint about a month ago.
Does it shut off after how long. I never let mine run long enough to run the battery down, but just unplugged it and plug it back in latter. That's when I noticed the wire were coming out of the plug, but still looked like they were plugged in. Two weeks ago I took the time to force the wires into the plastics plug and made a good connection, and have not had a run on fan yet. I hope my fix was that simple, as almost every time I stopped the car the hood would come up and stop the fan. At least check those wires.
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Post by waffleshill »

No IAC. It has an ETM! Scan it with VIDA (if you can)! It will give you far more information than a generic code reader. The fan will run after shutdown if it is really hot out. I'd re-seat the ECM, maybe a contact isn't contacting. Also check all of your coil pack wiring on top of the engine.
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