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2004 C70 ETS Light / ETM / ETA / Throttle Body

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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2004 C70 ETS Light / ETM / ETA / Throttle Body

Post by Alumin8 » Fri May 27, 2016 4:44 am

Hello MVS community. I created a new member account in order to post something I feel is notable and hopefully useful to the owners of 2003+ C70 and similar vehicles with the BOSCH ETA / throttle body. We own a 2004 C70 HPT with auto tranny. It has 116K on it and has been a good performer EXCEPT for the two achilles heals of Volvo cars: ETM/ETA issues resulting in ETS light / limp mode and the transmission shift solenoid issues, which are already well documented. I have done extensive searching for ETS light issues related to ETM/ETA and for the most part, most statements relating to this are "from 2003 onward, you will have no issues". That's great until your 2004 exhibits issues!

To reiterate, the issue at hand is normal operation day to day until one day upon start-up the ETS light and check engine light are staying on and the car is in limp-home mode (no power or speed).

Online searching resulted in one of two possible culprits: pedal position or throttle position errors. I pulled apart the pedal position assembly mainly due to it's being relatively easy to do. It was in perfect condition with absolutely no indication of wear or even use. I would consider the pedal position device pretty much a life long item.

The throttle body was accessed and removed using the ETM removal method already well documented for other models.

This again is the Bosh unit. I had already ordered a new replacement for $315 online. Local auto parts suppliers had them for $450 and the dealer for $580. I figured since I had a few days until the new unit arrived, I would at least gain access and remove the existing unit. Upon doing so, I found simple spring clips held the 2-piece Bosh body together. Upon removing, I found that the assembly is the widely used wiper finger/carbon track design. There was carbon "dust" spread around on the surfaces as well as within the housing in general. I took some brake cleaner and sprayed it on a paper towel and carefully wiped the carbon tracks, following the same arc. After doing this a few times, I then tweaked each "finger" of the contacts up ever so slightly so as to regain a firm footing once compressed to the carbon tracks when reclosed. I also cleaned out some oil accumulation puddled in the housing.

I am not totally familiar with how these contacts/carbon tracks operate with respects to cross-arcing when the carbon dust builds up enough to bridge from track to track - this may or may not be the root cause to a "failing" ETA throttle body.

At any rate, I reassembled it and figured "what the heck" and re-installed it as well as all of the wiring connections, fan, etc. I turned the key to position #2 as I had read in previous postings (no software required from what I had read) - letting it stand in position #2 for 40-60 seconds before attempting a start. I turned the ignition to start and it fired and died pretty quickly. BUT the ETS light and check engine did extinguish.. I proceeded to tighten all of the air inlet duct connections, tied up the electrical bits securely and attempted a start again - this time working PERFECTLY.. I took it on a 2 hour drive today in mixed traffic and it's working great.

The caveat is that this may be only a couple day or week period of it working again until failure... I will hand onto the new ETA when it arrives and will return it in a few weeks if the problems are really gone for good.

Of course during the course of my drive, the tranny fluid reached a good warm condition and it began shifting like a dump truck. Actually that's unfair to dump trucks and their drivers since they are actually much smoother than this thing is. At least until tomorrow morning when I take the plunge and install my new solenoids...

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Ozark Lee

Re: 2004 C70 ETS Light / ETM / ETA / Throttle Body

Post by Ozark Lee » Sat May 28, 2016 10:17 am

Well done although using brake cleaner is a bit scary. That stuff is pretty aggressive and I think I would use electrical contact cleaner of MAF cleaner. I hope the residual brake cleaner doesn't start attacking the carbon on the tracks.

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