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Car wont crank after rebuild

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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Joined: Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:04 am
Year and Model: 1996 855
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Car wont crank after rebuild

Post by DrBoatman » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:14 am

Hello all, i want to start by thanking you all for the knowledge i have aquired via this site. I am new to forums in general so bear with me please. I have a 1996 volvo 855 turbo that i have rebuild due to a bad head gasket and piston rings. This is the first volvo engine ive had my hands in. With that said tonight i got it all back together,but when i went to start it the car would not turn over and the tach was bouncing from 0 to about 2k, i was startled by this behavior so i immediatly refered to this site like i have always done, but came up with nothing similar to what is happening. so here i am starting a new topic.any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure im leaving something out so please ask questions and help me get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

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Re: Car wont crank after rebuild

Post by Sommerfeldt » Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:24 am

When you say it won't "turn over", are you saying that the the engine doesn't move at all, or it won't start?
As a wild stab in the dark, I'd say you might have an electrical issue (a.o.). Are you sure you didn't wiggle something that you should have jiggled? Ground connectors?

- S
'96 855 T5, R bumper and spoiler, Koni Yellows & blue H&R springs all 'round.

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Re: Car wont crank after rebuild

Post by tryingbe » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:35 am

What's the battery voltage?
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