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Installed new ETM, vehicle starts then immediately dies.

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Installed new ETM, vehicle starts then immediately dies.

Post by VIV-volvo »

Used the repair and replace program through Xemodex. I did this so that I would not have to reprogram my vehicle once I reinstalled the ETM. Reinstalled it and it ran great that night and the next day (Drove approx. 20-30 miles). I was sitting in a parking lot with the car running, it started to sputter and then died. Now when I go to start it, it turns over and runs for about 5 seconds then suddenly dies. Sometimes it'll sputter for about 10 seconds, and then die. No idea if maybe Xemodex sent me an ETM that was programmed incorrectly or if a totally different issue has arisen. It's the weekend and Xemodex is not open. I apologize if this is a repost, not the best with computers and this is literally the first time I've been on this site. Looking for any help whatsoever. Thanks. It's a 2000 S70 non-turbo, approx 115K miles.
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Re: Installed new ETM, vehicle starts then immediately dies.

Post by kahl »

i would inspect all inlet pipes to ensure they are seated correctly. Anything loose?
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