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What is causing my cooling fan to run for no reason?

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Re: What is causing my cooling fan to run for no reason?

Post by scot850 »

As has been suggested already:

1) Fan relay above radiator
2)ECT sensor
3) Wiring and connector issues
4) Unlikely, but igniton switch electrical portion.

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Post by 98V70T5 »

Car is not my DD, and has be "relegated" to "project car status", meaning I must repair it at the lowest cost, and use my free labor (thanks to the accountant (wife)). I bought this car purely for the uniqueness it represents, as I remember drooling over a new yellow T5R back, sitting in the showroom, in the 90s, at the local dealership, when I worked there as a detailer. I don't have access to a heated garage, so it's been a long cold winter so far, and I'm strategizing a plan for when Spring comes. I was able to get it running after sitting for 18 months, just recently. As funny as it sounds, I like just sitting in the heated seat, each time I go to start it now, as I did driving it! Anyway I digress...

I find it interesting it works fine without the A/C. I was just throwing that out there to see if it could help pin point the cause more directly. Any online schematics for the fan? I'd love to spec out each piece. It has been just too darned cold to put the car on jack stands, and drain the radiator, to put the new ECT sensor in, or even go messing around with the wiring. I might get the courage up to swap out the fan relay, with a yard piece I pulled last Fall. Just need to heat up the engine to make disconnecting those 20+ year old plastic electrical connector tabs, come apart without breaking in this sub zero weather. Cheers!

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