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96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

96 850 TURBO
98 S-90
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96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by iamdadog »

Looking at buying my first Volvo... both cars in 'fair' condition. Haven't had a chance to actually take a look at them in person yet.

Which is more desirable? I'm talking reliability, value, repair costs, fun, etc. HELP ME MAKE A KNEE-JERK DECISION!!!
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Re: 96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by erikv11 »

850 turbo hands down on the fun question. Both have low value, you need to want to keep it. Resale is tough. Either one in fair condition will keep you steadily busy with small repairs, make sure you budget time and a few bucks for that.

This one might be worth it, it's been for sale for about a month I wonder if the seller may bend on price, https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ ... 37326.html. It won;t need nearly as much maintenance as one in "fair" condition.
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Re: 96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by precopster »

I'd be back in the rear drive camp if I had a chance...just for a change.

Always wanted to try the IRS rear end out on the S90s and I simply loved the straight six's sound and smooth running when I owned my 960 wagon. What an engine!!
Put some earlier (pre 1995) cams in a S90 and you'll have 202hp as opposed to the later car's 177hp
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Re: 96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by Roger_850T »

I think they both have the potential to be fun cars! At this point, it all comes down to condition. Interior, exterior, driveline, and care along the way. Either could be awesome or either could be a junk pile. I'd avoid rust if possible, because I can manage or deal with everything else. I'd look at them both, and buy whichever makes you smile more.

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Re: 96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by Brahms »

850T5 all the way. nothing sounds like like it, a remarkable car, once you get your feet wet, pretty easy to work on, and you take the right steps, it is surprisingly and stealthily fast, and the sounds that comes from that motor is delicious.
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Re: 96 850 Turbo vs. 98 S-90: who ya got?

Post by biohazrd76 »

Im guessing youve got your answer. When you buy it check and replace the turbo vaccum lines properly, or youre missing out on lost power!!
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