programming new key/remotes vadis 2000 v70 and 2004 xc70

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programming new key/remotes vadis 2000 v70 and 2004 xc70

Post by mrjacobrussell »

has anyone ever done this?
does it only cost the 60 or so dollars for a 3 day access?
is there an additional fee?
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I have a Chinese DICE, works well.
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Post by abscate »

I'm not sure this works with the cloned VADIS most buy, definitely find someone who has made this work first!
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Post by doublebug »

you need to buy
1. Subscription
2. Every software has it's own cost.

for making new key with remote you need to buy 2 softwares:
for programming keys (transponders)
for programming remotes.
If you have questions about Volvo firmware ask me. I may know an answer :)

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Post by jenkinskg »

So just went to dealer, with blank ebay key in hand, charged me just under $26 to cut key only.
Then I will take chip out of good key, glue to security coil, have a spare, and hind under dashboard.
Then from now on, chipped keys not needed to start car.
Very reversable, as secure as an old car needs to be, and if kids lose key, just buy one as low as $5 on ebay and have it cut.
I have my c70, daughters s60 and second s60 about to be setup the same.
gets around the dealer and their fake software purchase, it is not software, only a number gets entered into ecu
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