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2000 v70 codes from CEL

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2000 v70 codes from CEL

Post by famfeld »

Thanks to abscate meeting up with me to give me his extra PVC hoses, I got my car back on the road with new/cleaned out PCV system. Then the exhaust started leaking, so I fixed that and shortly after the CEL light went on. Also it seems the idling/shifting is off and the car is pinging a certain amount. This has been this way for two days. This morning when I went on a short errand, the car wouldn't start and I heard a ringing noise from the throttle body. I let the car sit for 30 second, then the ringing stopped and the car started. The codes that I am getting are:

P1119 Sensor/MAF sensor Adaption performance problem or signal out of range (upper limit)
P0171 System Too Lean (bank 1)

Any ideas of where to start?


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Re: 2000 V70 codes from CEL

Post by bmdubya1198 »

Sounds like your MAF sensor is either dirty or dead. You could try cleaning it with some CRC Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner and see if that helps. Also check out the connector for the sensor and clean it off it it's dirty.
Just make sure you ONLY use MAF Sensor Cleaner to clean your MAF sensor. Anything else will damage it.
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Re: 2000 V70 codes from CEL

Post by abscate »

Feld...that ETM should whine for about 10 seconds when the key goes to POS II (on, not started) and then whine should stop.

Thats all normal and good.

If we can connect sometime, we can check your Short Term fuel trim with my AUTEL and tell if you have vacuum leak or a fuel delivery problem causing your P0171.

P1119 is a new one to me - gotta think that one through.
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Re: 2000 V70 codes from CEL

Post by DrJammer »

I feel like I was chasing a P0171 near the J hose near the charcoal canister in rear on a 2000XC

changed out the fuel cap and it went away. I am not suggesting to throw money and guesses at a problem, just sharing an experience
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