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V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by bluebossa »

I've just finished getting my V70 on the road, extensive repairs, lowered and new R Design Wheels.
I think it looks great, but it's a little gutless. It'll cruise all day at 70 and is very smooth, but I've been offered a 960 Estate 24V for song.

Here's my V70 - should I stick with it or do the same with the 960, lower and wheels.#
Front wheel drive v rear - 140bhp v 24Valve umph....
V70 Fronton.jpg
V70 Fronton.jpg (226.16 KiB) Viewed 707 times
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dyn blin
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Re: V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by dyn blin »

That's a great looking V70. I'll be in Devon in 2 weeks, so I say test drive the 960 while I do the same with the V70..?

Seriously though, the inline 6 sounds great and is a pleasure to drive. I personally always tend to keep cars I've put work into either too long, or fall in love with something else immediately, and don't get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Nevermind, on 2nd thought, I'm in no position for advice- carry on.
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Re: V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by misha »

960 or S90 are pretty attractive cars...but v70 is much more prettier to me than 960 wagon or v90.
960 wagon/v90 are not attractive to me at all.
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Re: V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by bmdubya1198 »

misha wrote: Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:43 pm 960 or S90 are pretty attractive cars...but V70 is much more prettier to me than 960 wagon or v90.
960 wagon/v90 are not attractive to me at all.
I agree, the 965/V90 has a very "station wagon" looks to me, while the V70/855 is more just "wagon." They have a sportier, more compact look while retaining the practicality and immense space. Yeah, they're FWD, but there's something I love about these 5 cylinder refrigerators.
Never driven a 960, but I've heard great things about them. The old Volvo guys say it's the last great Volvo, being that it's their last RWD car. I mean, straight six, RWD, Volvo... what's not to love?

Regardless of what we say, it's your decision. Depends on your needs and what you like.
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Re: V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by kaneelschep »

To me the 960 station is the daddy of all volvo wagons. I loved the clean looking v90 since I was young. Followed one even yesterday.
Lots of posh people here drove these to go walk the dog in the woods 5km away from home. So most were well preserved. Only now they are getting the kms. Mostly on lpg.
I drove the sedan 960 as a taxi. Those were tired old beaters. Everything worn out and broken. Always hit my head getting out of them. Did feel sturdy on the road, but nothing compared to the end 90's E mercedeses we also had.
No.. a volvo sedan will never turn me on again.

Anyway. opinions apart.
The 960 will use quite some more fuel than a 140hp v70. And to me the 6 cilinder didnt feel all that much more powerfull.
I Like the 5 cilinder sound a lot more.
Because you are not used to a turbo, the engine could feel quite the same even. Just heavier.
A 3 litre is the engine to want. Much more fun than the 2,5.

Out of practial reasons i would really keep the v70, unless you can sell it for a good price to get your investments back.
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Re: V70 2.4 140 BHP or 960 24Valve Estate?

Post by precopster »

What year is the 960 estate you were offered?

Anything newer than 1994 is the one to have. Earlier versions had thin timing belts (except 1994 model which had a slightly larger one).

Also post 1994 have IRS and updated front end suspension. Unfortunately the 1995 plus had less horses and a flatter torque curve due to revised cams. I drove a 1992 model 960 wagon around for a few years and enjoyed the engine mostly. It definitely wasn't as stable at speed as the FWD cars as it was basically a 1982 design derived from the V6 760 in most aspects.
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