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MAF sensor $350 hose clamp

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MAF sensor $350 hose clamp

Post by donoscituate »

Just finished installing my $350 hose clamp.

Little background, 99 volvo v70 XC 149k miles, was driving home around 75MPH and SUDDENLY lost power, lucky for me a service area on 95 North was just ahead, thoughts that run thru your head, timing belt-oh well time for a new car, coast in and try restarting car, it starts but running really ragged, OK, maybe a blew a coil or 2, park car await the appearance of some sort of fluid: NONE. Smoke coming from back of engine, perhaps Turbo, or head gasket, start car again, idle between 500 to 1500 rpm, and when I try to rev it no power.
OK, smart phone, look on MVS for possible hints, find it could be the MAF sensor or possibly the Throttle ETS module. OK, this ain't an easy fix, call AAA, 150 miles from home, have 100 mile tow, ok $4 per mile over 100, so at least I get a ride home, and get to talk to a interesting tow guy.
Get home, check codes have a P0013 and P1238, back on MVS, looks like a MAF, FCP has them for $100 plus, be here in 2 days. Meanwhile, I disconnect the MAF sensor plug, guess what car idles perfectly, like let's take this out for a drive, little down on power, BUT, BIG BUT, I could have driven home with the MAF unplugged, oh well. Check around all the vacuum lines all is good. Wait a day FCP sent a new MAF, really easy swap, wipe the codes, jump in car and start it, DAM-IT, idles a bit better but not much, pull the connector off and idle is ok again. Take it to my friend, he has a super snap on computer, he runs a scan with the MAF unhooked, and checks all the vacuum lines, then pops under the car, there is it is behind that front plastic panel, and hose clamp has rotted, and the inter-cooler hose is off. Being a nice guy only charges me $50 for the 10 minutes and gives a hose clamp. The $350 hose clamp, hope someone sees this and it helps. Car runs fine again, attached is a picture of this expensive hose clamp

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Post by abscate »

AIr induction failure is indeed pretty dramatic on the turbo cars...my tale from Cambridge was here...

viewtopic.php?f=1&t=76489&p=427245&hili ... re#p427245
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Post by kaneelschep »

Ouch... :(

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Post by mrbrian200 »

When you disconnect the MAF the ECU meters gas more strictly from the O2 sensor so major leaks upstream of the throttle plate will be compensated well enough to start and drive the car home. Performance/responsiveness will be reduced which would vary somewhat based on the condition of the O2s.
Every car I've ever owned that used a MAF will operate in this mode when you disconnect it.

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