instrument panel bulb nightmare

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instrument panel bulb nightmare

Post by amblerman »

Hi Folks,

As part of my 1999 s70 dashboard repair (write up coming soon) I decided to replace all the bulbs in my instrument panel.

This includes the 20 warning/idiot lights labeled B1-B20 in the lower left and right on the back of the instrument panel. These nasty things:
bulbs.png (115.37 KiB) Viewed 701 times
I ordered packs of 10 of Sylvania #74 bulbs. They sure look like the right ones but I'm having nothing but problems with them .
I can get the old bulbs out fine When I put the new bulbs in, I encounter the following problems.
1) If I don't seat them deep (as in I push them in as tight as I can) they will just pop out once I put them in.
2) if I push them into the sockets tightly, then the sockets are near impossible to get in to the holes because the bulbs have expanded the socket jaws so much.
3) when I get the sockets in, twisting the socket closed sometimes launches the bulb out of the socket.

I am expecting that the first bump I hit once I drive the car again will launch 1/2 the bulbs out of the socket so they will be rattling around in my instrument panel.

bulb type #74 is the correct one right? I can't tell any difference between what I took out and what I put in . Well that's not true. On the new ones the number 74 is printed on the bulb itself. On the old ones there are no markings. But without measuring, they look the same. They must be slightly wider though just based on how tight the new ones feel.

Has anyone had issues with any particular brands of bulbs in these blue instrument panel sockets?



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Post by cn90 »

I don't know about 1999 models, but my 1998 S70 used 194 bulbs.
I wrote a detailed DIY below:

DIY: 1998 Volvo V70 Instrument Cluster Removal/Bulb Change
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Post by erikv11 »

cn90 wrote: Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:28 pm I don't know about 1999 models, but my 1998 S70 used 194 bulbs. ...
No, 194 bulbs definitely do not work for the small blue sockets. 194 bulbs are the large ones, they fit into the four positions up on the gauge dials.

OP, it appears you want Osram 2721MF, e.g. ... -bulbkit70.

Might take some searching if you don't want to just order online. The bulb manufacturers often give crossover information that only approximates the fit, so I would be wary of other bulb numbers. For example, Sylvania does sell a 2721 bulb, in addition to a 74. There is a comprehensive guide to bulbs here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=61483
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Post by abscate »

Andy..I've got extra holders from my 99 parts car if you run short/break parts.

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Post by amblerman »

I just noticed that my reply to this thread isn't actually here.
Don't know what happened but that's ok. I have more info now.

Abscate, thanks for the offer. So far I haven't broken anything and at this point I don't think I will because I got some of the right bulbs this time and they work like a charm.

I got some 2721 bulbs and immediately noticed that when I push them in they actually click in place. The 74 bulbs didn't. And I now can tell that the 74 are in deed a tad thicker. Much easier when you use the right bubs.

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Post by kaneelschep »

Yes! The small lights are the osram 2721. And the bigger ones are t10 w3w. I just swapped them too. :)

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Post by boerence »

If it's not too late, leave out the bulb for the 'Service' light. It serves no purpose except to annoy you.
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