Heat blower motor not working

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Heat blower motor not working

Post by briang76215 »

I am looking for some advice for a blower motor that is not working. This is for a ‘96 850 with MCC heat.

My blower will not work in any position, 1-4.

From what I understand, the blower resistor runs positions 1-3. So if the resistor was bad, the blower motor would not work in positions 1-3, but should work in position 4.

The blower realay works position 4. So if the relay was bad, positions 1-3 should work and no position 4. Is that correct?? When I switch to position 4, I do hear the relay click.

Also, I checked both fuses and they are both good.

So, I am thinking that the problem may be a bad blower motor since is does not work in any position. I did pull the motor to check if it was seized. It is not seized and does spin freely.

I installed this blower motor about a year ago and it did work fine up until about a week ago. I bought a cheap aftermarket motor on eBay, so I am thinking that maybe I got what I paid for.

Any advice on this problem would be great. Is there anything else I should be checking besides the blower motor, the blower resistor, the blower relay and the two fuses?? Am I missing something or do I have a bad motor?

Also, would it be safe to test the motor by using jumpers off the battery directly to the motor?

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Post by StubZz »

So, before you purchase a new blower motor, you should remove the blower motor from it's spot in the dash, hold its housing and turn it on. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NOTHING AROUND IT or it could be sucked in if the motor works even a little. If not, I would just get a new part, although I do don't know much about the blower resistor or the relay. Hopefully you can get this fixed!

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Post by abscate »

It is much safer to test looking for voltage with a meter than running current directly from the battery. I might be down in PHL on Monday if that works.
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Post by jreed »

I have tested blower motors after removing them from the car using a 12V battery charger. You can set the motor up on a table and apply power to it to see if it runs smoothly.

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