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1996 850 manual transmission bolts into 1995 850? Speed sensor?

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1996 850 manual transmission bolts into 1995 850? Speed sensor?

Post by ollen001 »


I've searched this forum extensively but did not find the exact info I need.

I need a manual transmission for 1995 Volvo 850 GLT, or so the independent shop says.

I found an extremely low mileage 1996 850 manual transmission (30K, yes...) for $300 but it appears there is some "speed sensor" difference between the model year 93-95 series and the model year 96-97 series. Or so I am finding in the technical descriptions for the used transmissions.

Couple questions:

1) Isn't an M56 manual transmission the same for all 850 series?

2) Is it just the speed sensor or some other issue?

3) Can't I remove the speed sensor from the old transmission and install on the new?

4) Do I have to stay with 93-95 850 model year manual m56 transmissions? (Note: I'm not talking about installing M66 or any other model...this is just plain confusing.)

5) Also, will Volvo OEM R clutch fit into this transmission? I bought one with all Volvo OEM main seal, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, slave and master. (Yes, I am keeping this car.)

6) Why do I keep driving this car?

Volvo gods, please help me or I will start swearing in Swedish since I speak it...(Djaevel anama... fit och fan...osv, osv, osv)

Somebody, throw me a bone or a wrench.




Chassis Number: 226658
Model Year: 1995
Model: 850 Sedan
Factory: [Sweden] Torslanda Plant VCT 21(Volvo Torslandaverken) (Gothenburg)
Engine Code: B5254FS MOT 4.4
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Re: 1996 850 manual transmission bolts into 1995 850? Speed sensor?

Post by skloon »

You can use that transmission and that clutch- to get the speed you just have to tap into an abs sensor there are lots of m56 differences different strengths as well as internal or external slave- I put an 05 into a 94 and had no speedometer issues once I tapped into the drivers side ABS sensor- I still don't have cruise thought
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Re: 1996 850 manual transmission bolts into 1995 850? Speed sensor?

Post by misha »

1995 850 CAN'T have Motronic 4.4.
It's a bit rare even in '96 but ALL '97 have it.
1995 850 n/a B5254FS can only have Jetronic engine management.

About transmission compatibility....skloon already answered it.
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Re: 1996 850 manual transmission bolts into 1995 850? Speed sensor?

Post by tryingbe »

Convert the 1995's speed WIRING to get its signal from the driver side ABS wiring at the wheel. Splice the ground wire to ground and signal wire to signal, use a multimeter to see which wire is which.
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