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96 Volvo Dashpad removal

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96 Volvo Dashpad removal

Post by 2forty »

On my 96 Volvo 850 I removed the dash pad, repaired my odometer and replaced the check engine bulb. A few pointers for those who are going to do this. Have some super glue or plastic repair as you will most likely need it. If you are working on your odometer you will need a T8. Watch the you tube video. What I had difficulty with was knowing how to remove the glove box arms. I googled 850 glove box hinges so I could see them. After looking at them I had an idea how to remove them. On my 96 next to the hinge on the DOOR there is a small hole. I used a eyeglass flat screwdriver, inserted it and pushed the tab to release it. Easy! Now the trim pieces on each side by the speakers, there is a little plug to remove to get to the screw. Both of mine broke, just to brittle. Good luck!
After removing all of the screws and bolts now its time to remove the dash pad. In the video it says to loosen it on the passenger side first. A tip is to put your hand underneath and push up gently on the air bag to loosen it. NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART. Where the dash pad curves down by the two center vents (BE CAREFULL) when removing as a piece of the dash pad slides into a slot on the dash to hold it in place. You need to pull straight towards you to release it. THE ENTIRE DASH IS PLASTIC AND YOU DON'T WANT TO BREAK THAT PIECE. If you can find one online to look at you will know what I am talking about. Also removing the vents. I used a little screwdriver to pop them out. Once you remove one you will see how they are held in. It's plastic, don't be afraid just be careful. I did not break anything. The video helps allot. Now for the odometer. Easy. But....if you do this you will see that when you lift off the odometer from its housing you will lift it off of four pins. I put it back together ok but I really was second guessing myself about how to reinstall back on the pins. Wish there was a better video. One last thing. I ordered the odometer kit with the bulbs. I was going to replace all of the dash bulbs while I had it apart. Was going to go to the parts store and buy some BUT I found that I could not remove the bulb from the housing to insert a new one. I think you have to buy the bulbs with the housing. This is only for the little instrument bulbs like the check engine light. Watch the videos, take your time. It's really not hard. Hope this post helps!
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