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'00 V70R undercarriage banging while driving

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'00 V70R undercarriage banging while driving

Post by henrysin44 »

I have a 2000 V70R thats an ongoing project to sell for a family member. Its a non moving mess at the moment, but with everything put back together it runs and drives just fine except....
When you start driving you'll feel this light thumping as if a tyre has gone flat but once you hit 15mph the thumping turns into continuous banging from underneath that matches the speed. Its as though someone is continuously taking a sledgehammer and hitting the undercarriage! Once at highway speeds it smooths out to feeling like a continuous tapping but the sound is still deffining.

Im leaning towards something being loose or broken in the rear driveshaft/drivetrain as the front suspension and CV axles check out (front passenger CV is brand new) and because early V70 AWDs are notorious from bad rear axels.
But im not positive, if someone could chime in and point me in the right direction id appreciate it as this car is becoming too consuming for something on blocks.
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Re: '00 V70R undercarriage banging while driving

Post by scot850 »

Check the following:

1) The center carrier bearing in the prop-shaft. 100% change the rubber doughnut has failed.
2) The front universal bearing on the prop-shaft. IT sits by the catalytic converter which fries the joint.

These can both be confirmed by removing the prop-shaft.

3) Check the mounting at the front of the viscous coupling casing (VC). It sits at the front RHS of the casing at the back of the prop-shaft
4) Check the nose bearing on the VC unit at the front of the casing.

Those are the 4 most likely cases.

Finally also check the heat-shield has not broken off the mounts above the cat.

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