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1998 V70 cranks but won’t turn over, P0305 and P0410

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1998 V70 cranks but won’t turn over, P0305 and P0410

Post by cd98v70 »


Longtime reader first time poster, thanks! When I try to start my 1998 V70, it will crank, but only occasionally turn over (puh-rum), and never starts all the way up. Roughly 1 time out of every 8 attempts at starting, the normal sound stops and something sounds like it has gotten stuck. I’ve tried the following:

-a jump
-“starter fluid”
-removing the oxygen sensor plug
-new spark plugs

The oil is fresh and at the right level, and it has a half tank of gas. I drove it from Chicago to Fort Collins, CO (elevation 5000’) in a day with no problems, and then in Estes Park (elevation 7500’) it ran well for about two weeks, then the last three days of its running it got increasingly “fussy,” I believe some misfiring. When I checked the spark plugs they were black and wet, so I replaced them, but I still have the old ones just in case.

The code reader says P0305, generic cylinder 5 misfire detected, and P0410, generic secondary air injection system.

I’ve also tried locking and unlocking the driver door with the key in order to regain the car’s trust.

Thanks for reading and for any advice you may have!
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Re: 1998 V70 cranks but won’t turn over, P0305 and P0410

Post by abscate »

Distributor cap, rotor, wires on these cars need replacing every 30,000 miles

Cranking or turning over is the engine physically rotating.

Firing is the presence of fuel being burned in the cylinders
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Re: 1998 V70 cranks but won’t turn over, P0305 and P0410

Post by FLXC90 »

turbo or N/A? where did you spray the starting fluid?
Disconnect your coil wire and remove your fuel pump relay
Pull the plugs again, and spin it over with them out. Does it sound even? Does it spin over real fast?
Hook the coil wire back up and test for spark.
Make sure your air filter is clean
Plugs back in-try a shot of ether, if it catches, it's ready.
Then reinstall fuel pump relay, turn key to pos II and listen for fuel pump to cycle. Try to start it.
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