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Flashing Up Arrow and CEL on Dash

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Flashing Up Arrow and CEL on Dash

Post by ashvolvo »

I have 152K Miles on my S70. While driving back from work, got the flashing up arrow and CEL. Car was driving normal and was shifting fine; thought it went to limp mode for a brief while so I parked the car on the shoulder and switched it off and restarted it. I pulled in to the nearest Autozone and they pulled these codes for me- P0705 and P1618.

The speedometer is working fine and no other lights on the dash. Do you guys think that the PNP switch is starting to fail? I did the P-N-R-D sequence about 10 times and then restarted the car. The flashing arrow is gone but the CEL is on. The Tranny fluid level is fine and it was flushed 7K miles ago. is it safe to drive it or should I order a PNP switch and change it? Could it be the tranny solenoid malfunction and not the PNP? Please advise.

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Ozark Lee
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Post by Ozark Lee »

Nine times out of ten it is the PNP if it otherwise works OK. Try not to drive it in limp mode, that is tough on it.

The PNP switches never seem to get better except from going from winter to summer and even then it is spotty. The CEL won't reset until you manually clear it.

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