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AC Failure. Blows constant hot air. (96 850 Turbo Wagon)

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AC Failure. Blows constant hot air. (96 850 Turbo Wagon)

Post by jakethesnake »

Hey forum,

had to take the fuse out, because my AC (no matter what setting) is blowing hot air at full blast, even when knob is at off.
I tried recharging it, but still hot air.

Pls help, its 105° where I live :oops:


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Post by dj_v70 »

Electrical diagrams are here:
http://www.volvowiringdiagrams.com/volv ... agrams.pdf

Map out your components and check voltages at ac relay, etc. Report back with any questions.

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Post by JimBee »

Before tracing out the electrical issue, I would make sure you're a/c clutch clearance is really close, as in .3 mm. Much wider than that, clutch won't engage the compressor. The gap can be measured from under the car, quick fixes with zip ties are described on this forum. I'm wondering if a stuck relay might cause the always-on condition.

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Post by mecheng »

The clutch gap spec is actually 0.3-0.6mm, it will engage higher than 0.6, my car it is 0.8, but the a/c is fine and I’ve learned in life to leave well enough alone. You may have a sensor problem
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