Coolent leak... Head gasket or Turbo

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Rick Almeida
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Coolent leak... Head gasket or Turbo

Post by Rick Almeida »

Hey Guys
Need help. Im losing coolant with no visible leak under the car.
It's obviously coming out of the tail pipe. my question is head gasket or turbo.
I looked at the dip stick and under the oil filler cap and found a small amount of what appeared to be coolant in the oil. Then I removed the plugs and I expected one or two of them to be different in some way but they weren't. I uploaded pics of my plugs. I also looked down into the piston and found traces of coolant. The car (850 T5-R) runs the same has it always did. It seems when at idle it doesn't drain the coolant but has soon has I drive it the low coolant light comes on within five minutes. I had the turbo coolant inlet hose burst on me. Luckily I was sitting Still At a light. I shut the car off immediately. I'm going to check for exhaust gas in the coolant tank next but if you guys could take a look at the pic of my spark plugs and give me some feedback about this problem. Head gasket, turbo ???

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Post by abscate »

Those plugs are running way too rich. If you see coolant in the cylinders the head gasket has gone

Turbos on these cars are made byMitsubishi and run 300k miles easily without service. Leave that alone
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