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Trans input seal replacement question (AW50-42LE / 2000 XC)

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Trans input seal replacement question (AW50-42LE / 2000 XC)

Post by ecbsykes » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:35 pm


My car is in the shop to have the trans input seal (aka torque converter seal) replaced. The guys there are very reputable and I trust their recommendation, but I just want to ping this off the MVS community (trust but verify!). One of their techs said that with the miles on the unit, to effectively replace the seal, you need to get a new torque converter because the old seal over the course of 280K miles will have worn and grooved into the original TC slightly, preventing a good seal even with new rubber. He said he's seen it happen replacing this seal on high mileage cars, so I trust him, but just want to make sure before spending beaucoup bucks.

Or is this something where the risk is small enough to just replace the seal and call it good?


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Re: Trans input seal replacement question (AW50-42LE / 2000 XC)

Post by jimmy57 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:11 pm

It is a risk but it needs to be inspected. I replace TC seals on diesel pickups with 300K on them and the truck has spent its life on dirt roads and bell housing will be full of dirt and grime and the TC nose is fine with very faint polishing where seal rides.

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