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1998 Volvo s70 external slave transmission to internal slave transmission woes D:

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1998 Volvo s70 external slave transmission to internal slave transmission woes D:

Post by Robertmac100029 »

Hey you guys.. i'm new here but have had my Volvo for years and always come here and search the forums.. at last it is time i post D:
I have a 1998 Volvo s70 and I have been having issues since I blew up the stock external slave cylinder transmission.
To replace it I purchased a 99 I believe m56h internal slave cylinder trans and I put it in with the 850r clutch.
Are the clutch master cylinders for these two transmissions different I put the later master cylinder in as well and only notice a different bolt and some knob on the casting of the rod. Other than that diameter and length seem to be the same. So id think they push the same amount of fluid.

Essentially I’m asking if I can run the 850r clutch with an internal slave cylinder and the stock clutch master cylinder for the car.
I also believe the slave cylinder went out recently because it started making the noise a bad bearing makes.
So I will be removing the transmission again and just want to be prepared for what exactly I need to do to get this old girl back on the road again.
I have also had a weird issue where if I reverse up a hill and then stop and pull it out of gear the engine bogs to a couple hundred rpm and nothing changes if I put the clutch in or out. But if take off again its fine.
Also the clutch has not felt the same since I put the internal slave cylinder in.
I understand the internal is more efficient and requires less travel likely. But it does feel right I have tried pressure bleeding and bleeding the old fashioned way..
No check engine lights either.

many questions many answers.. please. :D

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Post by tryingbe »

850R clutch will work fine with both internal/external slave cylinder M56H transmission.
Master cylinder for both has the same part number on rockauto.
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