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Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

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Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by alchemysticvolvo13 »

Hi there-
I have spent some time here in the last 2 weeks attempting to investigate the issue with my used Volvo. I purchased used last Fall. I was in the process of a career transition that keep me working 18 hour days-and it has served me faithfully with only an oil change. Of course-I knew it would need some work and updating that I hoped to do in stages. I noted it was dripping gasoline-and assumed maybe the tank had a tiny hole? OH HOW I WISH.
My neighbor (a fireman) noticed recently-and before knocking on my door called emergency services for the droplets. I had to have car towed (not before enduring the most embarrassing scene in front of my house) to a garage a friend recommended-to have the guy tell me it is a piece of junk-but, he likes Fords, so.
I took to another recommended garage where I realized along with another NO to fixing it-where the fuel pump is located, and the challenge and big expense (almost as much as I paid for the car) in fixing. He also said "I hate Volvos".
I am sick over it-losing money by the handfuls-and lost here.
There are some high end Euro mechanics around-but, the last mentioned taking off the bottom half of an older Volvo can present additional problems. And they can't be any less expensive-or available.
I suppose my hope is that it is not the fuel pump, but a hose or something-but, maybe if it's being taken apart it should just be replaced anyway?
I had a 1983 Volvo 240 wagon and I still regret selling it to this day.-but, I had a husband to deal with mechanics. I am a firm believer in older vehicles-I used to do my own repairs on my 1983 Mercedes diesel. New cars feel like tin cans to me. (even though I would take back my 1972 Superbeetle in a heartbeat). I am the single Mom of a 17 year old son that I am hoping can take this car to college in a 18m. And to be transparent-I can't afford a 1,500.00 repair. It also needs 4 new tires and the fuel door latch replaced asap.
Firstly-can anyone recommend a garage or mechanic near RI/CT border-either direction. I know there was a man in Westerly that sadly passed away last year.
Secondly-how long does it actually take if accessing the fuel pump the proper way-to get to it underneath the car? And-is that a 1 guy job? Does it take hours and hours? (as it seems the actual fuel pump replacement is quick compared to the prep getting TO it).
I am all about supporting a small business-as I have one myself. But-I would also like it to be fair-so far I have only been dismissed. Or, maybe find someone that is not the guy that hates Volvos-or wants to charge me 2k, or judge me for buying a used car I would like to work on in bits over the next year for my son. It has gone about town well in the last 8m.

Lastly-could there be anything else that could cause fuel to leak?
It happens only when the car is running (and drips for a few mins after stop). The idling seems a bit off (like it revs a bit too high)-but it has always started right up and I haven't noted anything else other than this occasional ticking sound that is like a a card in a bicycle spoke-a rhythmic tick that sounds like it is coming from the engine-driver's side. And it can be LOUD. But-it has been transient. Napa said I needed some oil stabilizer-high miles (170k)-older car. Volvos are burners? (he said). I have added in the stabilizer in the past and it has been better.

Is there anything else to check.... to stop the leak. Or something that could cause it other than the pump-or a hose that is NOT in that fuel pumps terrible hard to access spot?

Finally-if I can find someone willing-if the fuel pump is just cracked on top-is it possible to buy the top assembly piece of the pump to replace? And/or replacement hoses/seal separately? And-if it is the pump to purchase the whole assembly myself could help with the final bill....without additional mark up on parts.
I have seen/been told prices that vary wildly and I am not sure why. Can someone recommend where to order-and what it should cost? Also-is it possible to replace the top piece/hoses and seal-and can you buy just that?

I know this is a lot of questions. If anyone has a moment or advice/recommendations for my area (or thoughts on the repairs/parts or insights) for a good Volvo person, I would be most thankful.
Once I have this done-I am going to start going through the car-and using the repair videos and advice here-let my son learn to do these small projects to get her back to a good place.
I guess mechanics don't want to work on older cars anymore-I feel like the new ones are almost disposable.
Any help (if you made it this far)-and advice will be put to use, thank you kindly!!!! A.
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Re: Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by scot850 »

There are several points where the fuel system has a chance to leak on the AWD volvos of this era. It is understandable why mechanics run for the hills when they hear of a fuel leak at the rear of these cars.

There have been members who have found and fixed leaks on the top of the tanks without removal but it is nearly impossible to do so.

The most realistic way to access the to p of the tank requires dropping the whole rear sub-frame and suspension with the tank. I have read of someone lowering the sub-frame and tank enough to allow the top of the tank to be accessible without the full removal of the sub-frame and tank.

If you search the database for my sub-frame replacement on my 2000 V70R it will give you an idea of the potential issues. Cost is also a huge factor as well as obsolete parts.

Fuel pumps can be replaced by cutting out the floor under the passenger seat, but with fuel leaking that may be risky.

I wish you luck.

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Re: Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by abscate »

Is there no fuel replacement plate in the XCs for this job in the 2000 MY? If you can get to the top of the tank you might be able to see the leak from there

I guess the first order of business is to find the leak. That’s probably doable by yourself with some help, get the car up on ramps and then look for the stains of gas. Possibles: connections o; top of fuel pump, fuel filter, rusted out fuel lines under car.

Roughly where the gas come from?

Check the Mechanics forum for people in your area and recommendations
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Re: Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by Eddystone »

abscate wrote: Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:31 am Is there no fuel replacement plate in the XCs for this job in the 2000 MY? If you can get to the top of the tank you might be able to see the leak from there
All of the following is about pump location and access. Not so much about where your leak may be.

Just to clarify (and everyone correct me if I am wrong), I think Abscate is asking if the access plate that is present in non-XC cars is present in XC cars. In non-XC cars, there is an access plate on the right side of the car (looking into the cargo area from the rear) behind the back seat that allows you access to the fuel pump. The fuel pump(s) for the XC cars would NOT be located under that access plate, but removing the plate (if present) would let you see the top of the right side tank.

My understanding of the XC fuel tank arrangement is that there are actually two tanks. The left hand (driver side in USA) tank has a pump that simply transfers fuel as necessary to the right hand tank. The right hand tank has a fuel pump that actually pressurizes the fuel line and delivers fuel to the engine. The pressurizing pump is the one that fails. Again, correct me if I am wrong about this.

I have passed up several extremely nice XCs in my area due to bad fuel pumps and the inaccessibility of the fuel pump. I have seen photos of sheet metal having been cut out under the rear seat on the passenger side (USA) of the car to gain access to the pump. The metal removed is then fashioned into a homemade access plate. It's a pretty big undertaking on my scale of jobs considering that I don't have a great place to do the work.
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Re: Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by BEJinFbk »

Yes - There's a fuel pump access plate, but - As the P80 was originally FWD only,
and the AWDs have a dual pump system and a saddle tank to provide clearance for
the rear drive shaft, the AWD pumps are in different spots. and it's pretty much useless.

I haven't had the pleasure of dropping the rear subframe on my AWD, (knock on
imitation burlwood...),but if you have a leak to deal with, dropping the whole thing
is going to be the best way to gain full and unobstructed access to all of that stuff.

West coast car? Probably just really tedious.
East coast car? I understand why they're running!
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Re: Need mechanic/advice for CT/RI-2000 v70xc fuel pump-ugh:(

Post by alchemysticvolvo13 »

Thank you (all) for the info-
I think I MAY have found someone to attempt a fix-his daughter had the same car so, he is familiar. I essentially begged-and am awaiting a call back. Have been bleeding money unable to get around and do the things I must.
The fuel pump is indeed still operational-car is driving fine enough (although it seems to rev a bit high). But if the fuel is still coming out-leaking (as it does when the car is running and when it stops for about 5 mins) the pump is working?

If I didn't say before-I noticed when I first purchased the car a gas smell inside the car-in time, 6m that evolved into a very slight fuel leak on the passenger side-back rear of the car-maybe 3" to the left and 1" forward from the rear wheel-under the car. I think the top of the pump is cracked (even though my car is not on the recall list for that particular problem)-or one of the hoses is leaking.

I will print the recommended info for the mechanic-and keep praying that he calls me back.
I wish I could find someone to create an access panel....saving the whole dropping of the sub-frame & tank.
Yes-it is a New England car-and I have been told there is some rust.

I am thankful to know the local Napa store owner-and he offered a cost price on the pump (which I felt should just be replaced if all of this work is being done to GET TO that area-and the car has 160K). I just need a mechanic willing to take the 3-4 hours to get it done. Fingers crossed.

I appreciate this site. And I will keep coming back for info...I believe in older cars-and VOLVOS.

Thanks again-A.
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