P0600 code,rough idle, noise at ecm

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P0600 code,rough idle, noise at ecm

Post by 343anson »

1999 V70xc was running fine and upon starting after 4 days sitting got rough idle, p0600,p1633,p0460 codes. ECM was redone by Xmodex about 15k ago and ABS redone prior to that.After turning off and removing key ecm whines for while.Any suggestions? Chasing wires presently trying to rule out shorts.

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Post by RickHaleParker »

P0600 is a ECM communication error. Sometimes pulling the ECM cleaning the contacts and reseating the ECM does the trick.

P1633 is just saying there is a error code stored in the ABS. You need a scantool that can access the ABS.

P0460 I think this is a poor translation. P0460 is not listed for the '99 70XC. The standardized translation for P0460 is Fuel level sensor signal.
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Post by abscate »

Pull the connector of the ETM and make sure that’s the source of the after key whine. There are a couple of things that whine on shutdown, the ETM isn’t one of them.
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