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Has anyone tried aluminum foil to fix headlights?

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Re: Has anyone tried aluminum foil to fix headlights?

Post by CIK7 »

default wrote: Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:53 pm Ok I know this will sound a bit weird but I’ve been thinking about how we could improve the shitty reflectors without spending $$$. I’m about to do the cheap projector mod and I’m going to play around with a spare set of lights before, so I was thinking about trying to cover the insides with the foil.

Thoughts? Has it been done/tried? If I get anywhere and it’s not been posted I’ll do a write up.
I personally did this because I'm also the cheap kinda man. It did improve but very little. I did this just recently. Link:
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Plans for The Cloud: junkyard engine, new lighting arrangement, will be offroader.
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Re: Has anyone tried aluminum foil to fix headlights?

Post by tmm657 »

I see others have mentioned chrome paint. That’s also what I thought of. I think when I bought some a few years back, it was at a department store or auto parts store. Probably available online too.
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Re: Has anyone tried aluminum foil to fix headlights?

Post by DRankin »

I actually resurfaced the inside of one of my headlights with aluminum foil. The coating originally on the reflective surface had worn away and dimmed the beam of the light.
After installing the aluminum foil the light shines much brighter and is not much different, in function, than the original coating.
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