How to using the VIDA DICE!

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How to using the VIDA DICE!

Post by subzerocarfanatic »

Can someone tell me if the car needs to be running in order to access all the functions and diagnostics on the VIDA DICE tool?
I will update how my car repairs are going after I get to use my new DICE tool, hoping it will tell my why my ETS light is on and check other things so i can go forward in resolving why I have no accelerator pedal response and why my ETS light stays on. I installed a new OEM Volvo accelerator pedal with sensor, new OEM Volvo (BOSCH) MAF sensor, installed used ETM built by XEMODEX in 2013 and still same no pedal response issue, so hoping this tool will be a game changer.

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Post by redc70 »

Just make sure you have it at key on engine off. It is a very good idea to have the car hooked up to a battery charger while using Vida Dice. It really uses a lot of energy accessing all those modules.

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