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OBD (Part A) replaement 95 S/W None Turbo Topic is solved

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OBD (Part A) replaement 95 S/W None Turbo

Post by theiceman69 »

I finally had to change the OBD - Part A- it surrendered to 25 years of heat, engine and ambient(40c+)
Managed to get the old one to pieces, replaced with new parts. Switched on the ignition, (No 7 selected) , one bright flash from lamp. When using the button to try to read codes, :oops: nothing!!
What have I missed out OR what did I not do to make the new item(s) work
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Re: OBD (Part A) replaement 95 S/W None Turbo

Post by gmh »

I assume you have seen this:
Do any of the other ports (A or B) work?
Can you read engine codes from A2?

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Year and Model: 850 - 1995
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Re: OBD (Part A) replaement 95 S/W None Turbo  Topic is solved

Post by theiceman69 »

Gary, thanks for the response. Yes I have (printed most of it).
Not initially ( removed - batt terminal for about 10 mins), replaced it, now the OBD seems to be responding - in the main. On one or two positions I have no or strange results i.e. selecting Pos A7when the button is pressed, the lamp flickers (tried two or three times, then it came back , 1 1 1 ).
Still remain with biggest problem, the ABS. Warning lamp has been on for months - so many different reasons given for it's being there (including 2 from the local[and only] Volvo dealership ),their advice "replace the ABS unit". Quite costly here! If I had not the results from the OBD when used in the past, these vary from 'front left wheel - sensor to 411/413 and 415. I'm not clever enough to know how to fix these thing, if indeed they are even fixable but untiIl have a definite cause or reason, the lamp can stay on, no real detriment to the braking system.
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