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Conical flanng to angle flange help.-EGR delete?

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Conical flanng to angle flange help.-EGR delete?

Post by Turbolena »

Hi Everybody,
I would like to get a 3" down pipe on the 1994 850 turbo wagon Automatic. Right now it has a conical flange and I am not finding to much on the internet as far as finding the right adapter or angle flange. Can anybody point me in the right direction? The car has an EGR, but one of the VIVA options at https://www.vivaperformance.com/3-perfo ... 0-c70-fwd/
specifies the angle flange without the EGR, - can the EGR be deleted or if it has EGR do I choose the one that says without SAS. Would it be easier to find a used turbo that has the angle flange? Anybody have one for sale or where should I look?

Thanks for the help.
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Post by erikv11 »

East Bethel UPull just got in a 2000 LPT, you could go pull the angle flange from that one https://upullrparts.com/inventory/
I'm not sure if any of the other P2 cars they have are turbos, you could search in the VINs.
The exhaust flange is a totally separate piece from the turbo, though often if you pick up a used turbo it has the flange attached.

None of those VIVA downpipes are set up for EGR. You can delete EGR if you tune the ECU for no-EGR, that is probably the way I would go.

I bet if you send email to VIVA they will help you sort this out.
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