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After Braking pulls Left then right

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).
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After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by KMueller »

A little while back my vehicle started having trouble steering so I replaced the power-steering pump. It turned out it was not the pump it was the steering rack. The rack has been replaced and so has the Tie Rod Ends (upper and lower), bushings and tires. The brakes are not worn out at all. The rotors were also turned. I also have good tread on all 4 tires. The alignment and camber was done after replacing the steering rack. Someone told me that its possible the steering column was not set into the rack properly when the mechanic replaced it. The steering wheel is still slightly turned to the right after the alignment and camber were done. when driving down the road it doesn't pull. Its only when braking it jerks to the left then to the right. Any advise because I thought I covered all my bases.........
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Re: After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by joejoethedogfaceboy »

Could be one or both of the control arms. There's a thread from October that is relevant: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=82464&p=453034&hil ... rm#p453034

I got a quote from an independent shop to replace mine - because I didn't have the time nor inclination to do it myself - but ended up parting ways with the XC90 and replaced it with a newer XC60. (I also had a long lingering starting issue that i could never fix, so figured it wasn't worth it to keep putting money into my XC90.)

I've not dealt with a steering column before, so can't comment on it being misaligned in the steering rack. You might just need to tell the alignment shop to make the steering wheel straight. I've had that issue before on a car only because the shop just aligned the wheels and never bothered to look at the rotation of the steering wheel. <shrug>
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Re: After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by difflock54 »

Suspiciously like possible frozen or partially frozen brake calipers??
Check the disc pads have been installed properly too.
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Re: After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by ggleavitt »

+1 on LCA, classic dip and recover, surprised with everything else these were not replaced.

For sure alignment after the fact, someone ought to be able to fix the steering wheel orientation.
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Re: After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by FLXC90 »

+ another one on LCAs. It made a night and day difference on mine. Take the car back to where you had it aligned and have them straighten the steering wheel. Also, LCA change does not require another alignment.
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Re: After Braking pulls Left then right

Post by oragex »

Was it doing it before all these repairs? Many parts were replaced, hopefully the mechanic used only quality brands, as the market is flooded with brands that fail in very short time, even months, especially the bushings

The fact the steering wheel stays turned when driving straight indicates the alignment was poorly done: this makes me think the mechanic might not have done a good job. Just today at the scrapyard I found a car with the inner tie rod not tightened at the steering rack. So a mistake can happen, some mechanics don't work well. Even having the steering rack replaced because the steering was heavy is very suspicious: most of the times is just a simple sensor at the rack. I'd definitely have the car looked at by a second garage.
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