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2005 XC90 2.9 ltr awd tr6 high pitch ping when under load/vacuum leaks

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).
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Year and Model: 2005 xc90 tr6
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Re: 2005 XC90 2.9 ltr awd tr6 high pitch ping when under load/vacuum leaks

Post by hebhere » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:06 am


When I purchased the vehicle I did a CarFax on it first to check on the history. Long story short it was purchased new from a dealer in California and traded in to a Volvo Dealer in California. The dealer did the normal used car inspection then titled the vehicle themselves, apparently using it maybe as a shuttle car. The Volvo dealer after about 8 months sold the vehicle used as is to the person I purchased it from. The individual I purchased it from only had the car for about 6 months when the engine failed due to overheating, (caused by a small coolant leak at a hose in the back of the engine that was not taken care of).

Upon receiving and removing the engine I learned that there was no rear driveshaft. I called the seller who was surprised and stated that he purchased the vehicle to use mostly when they go snow skiing. He stated that the dealer did not tell him this. As a retired person who has worked in the vehicle industry since I was 16 and who was formerly a dealership service, parts, used car prep department, (fixed operations director), I can state that the California Used Car Inspection must be complete and is performed by a mechanic. therefore, Considering the warning messages, etc. It is apparent that the driveshaft most likely was missing when the car was sold, (unless the person I purchased it from had it removed).

Move forward;

I had another engine installed with many new parts by a friends shop, who did a great job on it. Upon running the car for a bit I took the car to a Volvo specialist who had a Vida Dice. The vehicle had 2 pages of codes and 5 warning messages.

I also utilized this forum and another one to learn, as well as Utube. I learned much from all and I thank you.

All of the codes and warning messages are all gone now. And amazing enough all were erased after just a few problems being taken care of.

Brake Assist warning and codes were the sensor under the right front seat. I obtained one from a Volvo at Pick N Pull, installed it and calibrated it. Wow! that erased 50% of the codes! I set the seat back, unbolted the access lid and tilted it back, I did not have to disconnect the computer, I just tilted the lid and computer back propping it against the tilted seat. I pulled and seperted the heater vent tubes allowing them to be moved out of the way. I then unbolted and removed the sensor by moving it sideways towards the driver seat and lifting it up. I put in the sensor, reconnected the the bracket and seat. I calibrated the sensor to the vehicle, test drove, all good, no codes or warning messages.

Steering codes were the clock spring in the steering column, Watched U Tube and replaced it with one from Pick N Pull, easy job after watching video. Codes cleared.

A big one was the vacuum leak, air leak. Those codes turned on the Check Engine Light. That was the air intake tube to the turbos. Bad design here. Big hole found in the tube back at the engine motor mount. The tube is very close the the mount bracket and it was visible that the tube was hitting the bracket thus cracking the tube. At Pick n pull I found several wit this tube 2005 XC 90 2.9 T6 that was damaged at the mount. I replaced the tube, codes gone.

The last one was a vacuum leak that turned out to be the oil filler cap!

I have driven the car several days now and for a few hundred miles. I check for codes daily, No Codes, Car runs great!

great car!

Thank you all for your help.

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Re: 2005 XC90 2.9 ltr awd tr6 high pitch ping when under load/vacuum leaks

Post by traudesa » Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:50 pm

Do you have a picture of where the motor mount caused a crack in the tube? I'm curious which tube and where exactly.

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