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Airbag Clock Spring & Anti-Skid Issues

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Airbag Clock Spring & Anti-Skid Issues

Post by kawrtknee »

My car is a 2009 XC90, 3.2L engine, FWD, has DSTC with approximately 125,000 miles on it. I bought the car last year and ever since I have had the car my "anti-skid temporarily off" or "anti-skid service required" sets off only when making left u-turns and left turns. The dash automatically resets when I restart the car but once I make that left turn (essentially all the time) this message pops up. I have so far ruled out any other possibilities and narrowed the problem down to the airbag clock spring. I had a mechanic buddy of mine pull the steering wheel off in attempt to get a better idea of what was going on and to our surprise the airbag clock spring was mounted incorrectly by 180 degrees. We turned it to the proper positioning but this message is still popping up when making the left turns. One week after installing the airbag clock spring correctly now my car is saying "DSTC spin control off" after the left turns are made. Now that it is installed correctly, are the messages I am getting normal until I have the steering angle sensor re-calibrated? Or should I just bite the bullet are replace the airbag clock spring and hope that does the trick? Anything helps, thanks!
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