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Gear shifter rocker arm

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).
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Gear shifter rocker arm

Post by Tinysauto2000 »

I’ve seen this covered elsewhere, but didn't find anything like the plate I have. So, 2006 XC90 2.5t fwd. Few days after changing trans fluid, my shifter went to manual real easy and would not go back in to auto unless you force it over. The yellow rocker arm broke. And the spring was getting in the way.
Time to replace it
Rocker arm parts
Rocker arm parts
6A641EF2-F04F-401F-AC74-8041EEDFFE10.jpeg (19.46 KiB) Viewed 216 times
these are the rocker arm parts. It goes yellow, v spring, black then push pin. The other spring is off to the side.
I separated the boot from the shifter knob
I removed the shifter knob
Pry up the wood panel and separate the gray cover with the boot.
Shifter plate
Shifter plate
Remove the 6 t25 torx that hold the cup holder assembly in and remove assembly.
There is a tab under each circle on the shifter plate.
Drivers side tabs
Drivers side tabs
Pass side tabs
Pass side tabs
Gently push those tabs in. And lift up
Get some needle nosed pliers and squeeze the push tab from the passenger side to release it.
Remove the parts and replace.
Finished set up
Finished set up
Then reassemble. Word of caution... put it in reverse or neutral before putting the plate back on. I had mine in drive and that plate caught the back spring and pulled it off when I shifted up. And the yellow and black spring assembly flew apart so... be careful there too.
Anyways, it works great now.
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Re: Gear shifter rocker arm

Post by SuperHerman »

Most excellent. Thank you.
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