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Oil cap barely attached to engine it's so loose. Oil burning leak out the back engine

A mid-size luxury crossover SUV, the Volvo XC90 made its debut in 2002 at the Detroit Motor Show. Recognized for its safety, practicality, and comfort, the XC90 is a popular vehicle around the world. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).
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Oil cap barely attached to engine it's so loose. Oil burning leak out the back engine

Post by GreenMagicMan »


We got 3 of these XC90s.

2005 V8 version has BURNING and smoking - driving up big hill back to house - issue.

I traced a oil trail behind the engine dead center and bullseyes on the exhaust. Must be causing the smoke and oil level dropping right?
Must be the rear valve cover gasket, right?

Well... I read a blogpost 'it's not your valve cover gasket causing the oil leak' type of title in post... and read the gasket on the oil fill cap is often a problem!I figured.... nah... no way we could be that lucky here!!!

And sure enough, ran out last night with a flashlight, and the plastic cap is not even mouse finger tight. It's so loose it rattles in there.
There is a gasket there, but must have shrunk and dried out and doing nothing. There is evidence of oil around the cap area. Didn't pull the silly plastic engine cover trim yet.

But - is this a thing??? For real? I was waiting for these guys to get the valve cover gaskets and arming up to do that whole thing - which at first blush looks like a p.i.t.a. on the V8.
So, can a shrunk front side engine filler cap can leak this bad and ooze and smoke out the back?
- and (does) this Volvo engine channels the oil thru a collection drain valley .... and shunts it all to the back of the engine... right above the hot exhaust? Say it ain't so - why would this make any sense? Is it just all they could do with the engine structure? Was it done to clue in the driver into an oil leak? Hey! Look at all this smoke and smell coming from yer engine driver - something like that?

(I've had my hands full with a 2005 Ford Freestyle SE this week with CVT oil and high pressure filter change... have to remove main transmission support and attack the asshat engineer installed T27 bolts. Who THE F____ installs torx head anywhere for anything? I got so pissed off.... all 3 are striped... but I brute forced them out smashing on a 12 pt 12mm socket on them.

If anyone can point me to the original engineer that spec-ed those sh*tty torx bolts for production, I will button my Ford up today and drive to his house and punch him in the face for us all. Seriously.)

Speaking of which.... this 2005 and a 2003 Ford here have engineering mode!! (in the gauge cluster)
It's the coolest thing I've ever seen. Why can't Volvo have something like that?
Do they? (I am thinking they don't and don't want any additional info or control in the owner's hands.)

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Post by duke1 »

hi im not familiar with that engine but id start by replacing the oil cap or washer if you can,then id check all crankcase breathers and flametraps for blockages before it makes other seals leak from the excess pressure,torx are horrid i never liked them esp if there rusty,26 yr old 850 has lots.or rather it did!if you find the so called engineer give him a kick in the pants.good luck

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Post by erikv11 »

Moderators may want to move this to the XC90 forum?
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