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2004 S80 3.0l Hard to start when cold - no problem when hot...

Everything on the Volvo S80. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car.
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2004 S80 3.0l Hard to start when cold - no problem when hot...

Post by Volvotastic »

My 2004 3.0 has started to not fire up when cold and after a minute or so turning it over it will start to fire. Once it is running and fully warmed up I can then kill the engine and re-start with no problems (i.e. normal start).

I should mention that my LPG mechanic was working on the LPG system and took the input manifold off - could he have disturbed anything? (The car will also run on LPG fine once warmed up).

I have used my OBD checker but this is not helpful and does not show any details. (I would love to get VIDA but that seems too difficult now we use Windows 10).

When I checked again this morning I could hear a repetitive clicking and noise under the intake manifold when I turned the key to II - i.e. engine not yet running which did not sound right.

Here is a link to a recording of the noise :

Remember this only occurs when the engine is cold.

I have tried to remove the intake manifold but I see a hidden black pipe is connected underneath (see where it attaches underneath in the image below) and wonder how to reconnect that if I remove it.
Is there something under there which controls the injection of fuel? Can anyone tell me what is causing the noises?

Thanks in advance - Lewis

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Post by Azik09 »

I hear buzzing of an electrical throttle and probably electrical vacuum pump. It's normal.
Difficult cold start can be caused by leaking fuel injectors. Try 2 tests:
Start engine with partially depressed gas pedal. Will it start easier?
Start cold engine and stop it immediately. Then start again. Will the 2nd start easier?
If at least one answer is "yes", injectors should be checked for leakage.
If my English is bad, please correct me :oops:

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