2008 S80 Mechanic repaired 'discolored' brake rotors

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Re: 2008 S80 Mechanic repaired 'discolored' brake rotors

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how was he going to "fix" them?

usually they will just "turn" them...where they resurface the rotor by shaving it down so any high spots are cut off to make sure it's flat...excess heat can warp a rotor
they are also limited as to how much metal they can take off...too much removal can make the rotor too thin to operate and dissipate heat safely

if it can't be turned, they replace with new rotors

any proper brake job will turn the rotors and replace the pads

wouldn't be a bad idea to flush and replace the brake fluid too...brake fluid absorbs water

water can cause corrosion, and it alters the boiling point of the hydraulic fluid

when you pressurize brake fluid (when stopping) it gets hot
if too hot, and it boils (turns to a gas), your braking ability is severely reduced

frequent heavy braking has a cumulative heating affect...it gets hotter and hotter
if not allowed to cool back down, it can get hot enough to boil any water in the fluid, creates a gas, and you can't stop

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