Climate Control Modules Trouble Codes

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Climate Control Modules Trouble Codes

Post by Mark27 »

Volvo Enthusiast,
I am the original owner of a 03 S80 which has had its fair share of problems. The vehicle has 222K miles :wink: and I'm trying to reach at least 500K. However I won't reach that goal uncomfortably. I'm having a really hot spring going into summer and hope someone can help. My air conditioner is blowing out cool air on the passenger side (cool but warmer than when it was functioning properly) and a little above ambient air is being blown on the driver side. The blower fan seems motor work fine. The car has been idle for approximately a year - transmission issues- prior to my new problem. The code reader I use gave the following codes in the following order: 1. CCM-0020 (Air quality sensor internal fault/signal too low) 2. CCM-0001 (Blower fan motor/signal too low) 3. CCM-0005 (Evaporator temperature sensor/Signal too high) 4. CCM-0008 (Sun sensor/signal too high) and lastly 5. CCM-001F (Air quality/signal too high).

Also I recently installed a new water pump, thermostat and charged the AC with refrigerant. Any suggestion on where to start, not to mention a fix, would be greatly appreciated.

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There's quit a bit of sensors... the air quality sensor sits above the recirculating flap, under the plastic cover at the bottom of the windshield. It automatically closes the flap when outside air is polluted. Well known to fail, I don't think it needs fixed ($$$).
The evaporator sensor is also known to fail, good to replace it ($50)
As for no cold air on driver side, it may be three things: bad motor/electrical connector, broken swirl arm, or CCM out of calibration
May as well blow some air - no touch - on the small three grid near the right temp knob to make sure the temp sensor behind is clean of any dust

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