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S80 Hard to Start cold, Harder to Start hot and tossing codes

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on the Volvo S80 model. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was and continues to be Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car.
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S80 Hard to Start cold, Harder to Start hot and tossing codes

Post by renegade343 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:18 pm

I would like to post this situation to possibly aid others who may have or will have this condition. My first post.
When I turn over engine it spins and struggles to start and I get “Reduced engine performance” when it starts. It runs fine when running. The codes from all sorts of non starts various along this problem:
P0102, P0443, P0497, P0753, P0336, P2407, P0335, P0336, P2178, P2180, P0105.
Now these codes have one thing in common. The electrical harness passes near the starter and the starter has two large electrical cables DC attaching to it. What I believe happens is the starter begins to wear the brushes it gets dirty internally and demands more current to start and creates a larger electrical draw and interference field around it.
The field disrupts the crank sensor as it passes next to it. The electrical signals that the sensor generates are small and the the main cumputer gets these weak and incorrect/poor signals and tries to compensate for the by riching or leaning fuel and timing gets off. Thus these codes and reduced engine perf. I have replaced the MAF, fuel pump, throttle body, plugs, air filter, crank sensor, cam sensor. Now some items helped it run better as with my high mileage. Some items were about worn out throttle body I believe was the only item worthy of replacement. But the starting issue continued until I removed the starter and cleaned it out and reinstalled it. Now it starts just fine cold and hot. No more codes. The starter is very easy to remove, disassemble, clean and relube. Worth doing before changing other items.
I have S80 2003 with 375000 miles runs nice and smooth most of my miles are freeway.
I wanted to share this with others that have the same issues and vehicles that have electrical signal cables that pass near the starter. The starter slowly degrades as brushes slowly wear and gets jammed up internally but never stopped turning over the engine which confuses most. The starter may need replacement in future, but brushes had lots of length remaining or just another Recleaning. I hope this helps others
Best regards

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