1999 Volvo S80; Oil Burning in Cylinders

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Re: 1999 Volvo S80; Oil Burning in Cylinders

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SuperHerman -- Thank you for the added input. I will be doing everything you said, though the only thing I feel I might have a bit of trouble with is checking to see how the block is still in its correct shape.. how would I go about doing something like that?

Rick -- "Don't forget a new set of head bolts and torque wrenches."
I have read in many places (forums, videos, and even some owners manuals) where replacing the head bolts is completely unnecessary. I know for a fact that most independent and even some name brand dealerships don't replace them when they take the head off. I realize that over time the bolts heat up and stretch/expand whilst in the channels, but I'm fairly certain that replacing the head bolts has just been a myth that's been blown outta portion.

With that said, I'm not saying I shouldn't but I am trying to make this repair as cost-effective as possible. I'd to hear your input on this and maybe some others can chime in.

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I don't know if this applies here but in Volvos instructions any bolt that has loctite or similar on it is supposed to be replaced simply to get new loctite regardless if it requires replacing for other reasons.

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Post by SuperHerman »

That is a tough question at this point with the head off. No way to check the ring condition at this point. After looking at the miles and assuming the head has not been off before I think the oil buildup is not that bad and most likely due to the PCV system. Now if the engine overheated I would have more worries of ring conditions.

Just look at the cylinder wall wear pattern - if they look pretty consistent and uniform I would push forward. Just do everything you can to the head to freshen it up.

Head bolts are always a point of contention. I have done both replace and reuse. Which ever route you decide make sure you clean the head bolts (examine for issues) and clean out the threads very well. Blow them out to make sure you don't have coolant or oil there as this will cause issues. If you are suppose to oil the head bolt threads before insertion do it - I don't recall Volvo having a sealant on the head bolt threads.

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