2000 volvo s80 T6 Transmission

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2000 volvo s80 T6 Transmission

Post by vision »

I have a 2000 volvo s80 T6 with a bad transmission, it runs but it won't shift into the 4th gear, and the torque converter is also bad. It is twin turbo, at my local junkyard I can only find 2.9 non turbo. I want to know if the transmission is the same, and if it will work. I can change the transmission myself. and there are tons of xc90 the engine looks the same, and for the 4x4 vehicle they have a separate transfer case that mounts on the passenger side output of the transmission and that Axel is smaller Tham other that not w4x xxx I not sure.

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Post by SuperHerman »

Two things. First how do you know your torque converter is bad? If it is not bad, I would just do an in car rebuild. Does your first gear work? Is your problem no 3-4 gear shift - if so this usually is the 4th clutch hub and shaft.

Why not just rebuild what you have? It is not difficult. If you can pull the transmission you can do a rebuild yourself. Watch some videos on the 4t65E on Utube and look at this link:

http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to- ... nsmission/

The transmission is basically the same as the Impala and uses the same rebuild kit, plus an extra kit for the Volvo which has some clutches and a seal that differ. The fourth gear clutch friction plates are one of the items that differs and is part of the Volvo kit.

You need to match the codes on transmission ID tag. Looking at the ATSG manual I bought the 3.0 has a different "Sprokts Drve/Drvn" than the 2.8L turbo (33/37 vs 35/35 respectively) plus the torque converter differs as the "K" factor is different. So they are not interchangeable.

If you have the ability to have the car down for a few days, you can pull it, take it apart and order only the parts you need.

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Post by xiami »

Local transmission shop rebuilt my transmission at 60,000 miles. Now I have 180,000 miles with no problems. The shop recommends transmission oil change every 60,000 miles. GM recommends oil change every 50,000 miles for severe service. I think using this transmission in S80 T6 qualifies for severe service.

http://www.tripleedgeperformance.com/Vo ... sions.html

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