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need to knw how to tell if getting no spark from spark plugs and what be the cause

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need to knw how to tell if getting no spark from spark plugs and what be the cause

Post by Jaz »

i jst completed cylinder valve job timing belt camshaft seals crankshaft seal water pump oil pump etc put everything bck together car won't start recheck connections did diagnostic seems to be getting no store codes or pending codes car battery fully charge want to check to make sure gttin fire from plugs might not be sure if check engine light on cause when turn key to on position all dash light goes off except check engine and abs and did starter check and it saying cranking normal 11.5 volts 100%ms 100% smethng else to that affect can someone assist me pls

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Post by SuperHerman »

To check from spark you can go old school and pull the plug and watch for spark. Plenty of videos out there with more specifics.

Another option is to buy a $10 tool light that slips between spark plug and coil. It will flash consistent with firing if it is sparking. I always used the "old school" method, but finally broke down and bought the tool. One of my better tool purchases especially for the price.

Here is a video for a leaf blower:

It looks pretty much like the same one I have, and the process of use is the same as the video.

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Post by ndphotonl »

I bought one on Aliexpress, but haven't tested it yet

www.aliexpress.com/item/Spark-Plug-Test ... 73032.html
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